Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. if you have another question, please contact us at


What is your adoption process and how can I adopt?
The first step towards adoption is to submit an application for the dog you are interested in. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Not every application is well suited for the dog they apply for, and we will communicate with you openly about that. The second step is to have a meet and greet with the dog in their foster home. If that goes well, the third step is a two-week trial adoption in your home, to ensure that the dog is indeed a good long term match for you. It is very important to us to make a great match between you and the dog.  Our adoption application can be found here.

Do you require adoptive homes to have a fully fenced yard?
No, it is not an absolute requirement. It depends on the dog. Some will do well in a home without a yard and some will not. We will typically indicate the need for a yard on the dog’s profile.

Do you adopt to families with children?
Absolutely. We love matching families with the right dog. Dogs that live with children need higher tolerance levels than most, so we work with you to ensure that the dog you are interested in is suitable for your family.

Why do you charge an adoption fee? What does it cover?  
Adoption fees are necessary to help support the care of animals in our rescue group. Adoption fees also help to provide care for the other animals in our care, who may have medical bills that are much higher than any possible adoption fee. In addition, the fees received act as a donation to help support our organization as a whole, allowing us to continue our efforts to rescue and rehome pets.

If I send an application and the dog is adopted by someone else, do I have to apply again?
No, just email us and let us know which dog you’re interested in.

Why do you require my personal information on the adoption application?
These questions guide us in our matching efforts. You can read more here.

Do you adopt to families outside of WA?
We typically only place dogs in Washington, Oregon, or just over the border in the Vancouver CA area. In some cases, we choose to keep a certain dog local to us in Seattle. Because we provide close support during trial adoptions, and even after finalizing an adoption, we sometimes feel that we cannot serve a particular dog well if they are placed too far away from us. We do not transport dogs to applicants.


Is the adoption fee tax deductible?  Is my donation tax deductible?  
Because the adopter is paying for a good or service, adoption fees are not tax deductible.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and any donation for which the donor does not receive goods or services in return is tax deductible.

Do you have a wishlist?  What items could I donate?   
We are happy to take donations! A contribution of leashes, harnesses, collars, or toys makes a huge difference in the lives of our dogs.
We also have an Amazon Wishlist.

Are you a registered charity? What is your tax ID number/EIN?  
Saving Great Animals is an accredited 501(c)3 charity. Our tax ID 80-0323640. Your donations are tax deductible.


I’d like to volunteer – how can I help?  
There are plenty of ways to help. You can read more details and find the volunteer application here. Some options include transporting dogs; assisting with dogs in boarding (grooming, walks); participating in adoption events; staffing our Lumen Field concession stands; fundraising; donating funds or supplies; or even just following us on social media and sharing our stories. For more information about volunteering, please contact

I’d like to foster – what do I need to do?
Start by submitting a foster application and foster agreement. Once we have that, one of our staff will reach out to you.  You can read our online foster guide for practical information about fostering for SGA. For more information about fostering, please contact