The following dogs are currently in need of foster homes. If you are already a foster for SGA, please email if you are interested in fostering. If you are not yet an approved foster, please start by submitting a foster application. 

Arriving January 18th:

Gaya – 1.5 year old pit bull. Good with dogs. No cats. Has lived with a duck before. Owner surrender due to homelessness.

Arriving January 22nd:

Raymond – 1 year old Collie mix. Good with dogs and kids. No cats.

Ray – 1 year old Collie mix. Good with dogs and kids. No cats.

Zala – 7 month old Formosan. Good with dogs, cats and kids.

Already in Seattle and in need of immediate foster:

Angelito – One year old mixed breed from Mexico. He is a sweet boy who gets along with other dogs. No cats. Angelito becomes very protective of his trusted people and will guard them from any visitors. He will  may nip if a visitor attempts to approach his person. Angelito needs a quiet home and needs to be carefully managed with visitors.  He is very affectionate with his people. He came from very tough beginnings.

Alexa – 2 year old Formosan. Alexa is sweet and affectionate with people. She likes other dogs. Alexa is nervous around strangers, particularly males. She may growl and try to nip them if strangers move too quickly. She will need an experienced foster who can help her with these trust issues.

Tammy – 7 year old German Shepherd. Tammy is the sweetest girl. Very kind with people and very affectionate. She is not very high energy but would love a home with a yard to putter around in. She prefers to be the only dog in the home, though she has lived with dogs and cats before. She does not like it when other dogs challenge her or insist on playing with her.