The following dogs are currently in need of foster homes. If you are already a foster for SGA, please email if you are interested in fostering. If you are not yet an approved foster, please start by submitting a foster application. 

Dahlia – 2 year old Mastiff mix. 70 lbs. Good with other dogs. Calm around people. Lived her life on a chain with an embedded collar and is a little timid. Kids over 10 are probably more comfortable for her. Fenced yard please.

Pop Tart – 14 month old mixed breed. 45 lbs but underweight. Very sweet boy. Gets along with other dogs and kids. He is a parvo survivor so will need to be in a home with dogs who are up to date on vaccinations. He is no longer ill and does not pose a risk to vaccinated dogs. Needs a home with a yard.

Nazzy and Spots – senior gentlemen. Two sweet bonded boys. Easy to care for, they don’t ask for much. Good with dogs and kids. Must have a yard. Nazzy has an old injury to his front right leg that causes him to limp. He cannot go for walks.

Fendi and Armani – 6-7 month old Jindo mixes. Will arrive from South Korea on April 23. They need a foster home but not together. Must have a yard. Other dogs ok. No cats. Armani is brown and Fendi mostly black.

Java- 5 year old Australian Shepherd. He is a sweet boy with a difficult past. He is friendly with people generally but has moments of fear. He is good with other dogs but should not live with kids.  He is dealing with digestive issues and lung problems for which he has been under veterinary care for months. It will need continued attention. Java needs a foster home with a yard.



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