We recommend that all of our new adopters do some training with their new furry friends. Not only helps it establish a great bond, but it also help the dog to understand what is expected of him or her in the new home.
We have several ways to support you with training issues:

You can access our Saving Great Animals Training Resource Library to help address basic behavior or transition issues.


If you would like help with specific training or behavior issues online, please sign up with our partners at GoodPup. GoodPup provides simple, affordable private training. They act as your guide, providing individualized attention, motivation, and answers from experienced private trainers – anytime, anywhere. We want to ensure all dogs have a happy welcome home, so we’ll cover your first week and part of the weekly cost, just use the link below.https://links.goodpup.com/shelter/SGAWA


Many of you may struggle with a reactive dog, an issue we commonly see. If you are interested in learning more about reactivity, why it happens and how you can help your dog, you can sign up for an on-line course with Dog’s Day Out training. Saving Great Animal’s adopters can access this course for only $25, payable directly to the trainer. For more information: Reactive Dog Training. To purchase the webinar (or for any other general questions) send an email to: Info@dogsdayoutseattle.com.


Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers in WA: (type in your zip code and find a positive trainer in your area)



Ahimsa Dog Training Seattle : http://ahimsadogtraining.com

Dog’s Day Out: www.dogsdayoutseattle.com 

Shel Graves Animal Consulting: www.shelgravesanimal.com

Power of Dog Training:  https://powerofdogtraining.com

The Mindful Mutt: https://mindfulmuttseattle.com