Meet Karl! 

Karl and his wife Martha joined Saving Great Animals in 2013! They have helped with so many different activities, roles and dogs throughout the years. They have seen the best and most challenging parts of rescue and continue to stay dedicated to the cause. Keep reading to learn more about Karl and all of the amazing memories he’s made with SGA over the years.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

“Martha and I have been married for 36 years. I am a Retired Union Carpenter, Volunteer Firefighter/EMR, ATV Enthusiast,  and love to modify vehicles”.

How long have you been with SGA and how many dogs have you fostered?

“Since 2013. Toby (current foster dog)  is our 30th foster”.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering or fostering?

“Prepare youself to meet some of the best people you could know. Don’t let the tough part of rescue scare you away. Because your heart wil swell with joy from the positive things”.

What are some ways that volunteering and fostering with SGA has impacted your life? 

pictured left to right: SGA founder Perrin, Karl, SGA Director Jacintha

“Martha and I share the passion we have helping with all the dogs. Accepting that there are hard parts to it. But the joy experienced when we see them bond with their forever person. Makes it all worth it”.




What do you enjoy most about volunteering and fostering with SGA?

“There are plenty of negative things in our world. Many people waste a lot of time and energy worrying and complaining about it. Volunteering and Fostering for SGA gives us a feeling that we are helping make things positive. When you see a dog and a person bond. You just watched the dog and the person have one of the best days they ever had”.

What is one of your favorite memories with SGA?

“When I have been sitting with a dog…who is afraid of people. And suddenly they come over and lie down on my lap”.

How have you supported SGA and what does it mean to you?

“We volunteer for everything we can, we foster, I have helped find several lost dogs, we make donations. It still always feels like we could never do enough. Because the need never ends. Because humans have caused the problem. The other volunteers are all such amazing people. It all draws you in”.

What made you decide to join SGA?

“Martha used to work at a kennell that SGA boarded dogs at. She started volunteering for SGA, we started fostering, And I saw there was plenty of ways to help. The dogs make you just want more”.

What do you wish the public knew about rescue dogs? 

“Most of them all they need is someone to give them patience, a stable environment, love, shelter, and food. And they can recover from thier past. And learn that people are ok”.

Pictured is Big Charlie who was with SGA for about 4 or 5 months. Karl visited him often at the kennel.  It was determined that Charlie had Hemangiosarcoma. A fantastic couple that still volunteer for SGA Fostered him and gave him the best 2 months of his life.

What is one of the funniest things your dog or foster has done?

“There are so many moments that have made us laugh. Currently Toby does something new every day. But most recently was the first time he jumped from the back of my recliner onto my back when I was leaning on the kitchen counter”.

pictured: Karls foster Toby, on this back checking to see what he’s doing


Karl wanted to include a few wonderful update photos of some of the dogs he’s spent time with as he was just a part of their journey to finding their forever home. See below 🙂

Kevin and Jane with Barron, who they worked so hard to train
Foster parents Damara and Dan, who gave Big Charlie the best last 2 months a dog could hope for